Add Your Voice

If we want to understand what is happening with mathematics doing and mathematics learning, we need to start by speaking and listening to a wide variety of voices. What is your mathematical story?

Help to build a collection of stories and reflections about the mathematical experiences of children and adults. Click on the link below to add your story to the archives — you have have your responses published as a post or keep them private to the moderator.

Click here to add your story!

2 thoughts on “Add Your Voice

  1. I have always made the comment that I hate math. But I have to admit that I haven’t always hated math. I remember learning geometry, and loving it. The reaon is because I understood it. I’m not sure what was so different about geometry that made it comprehendable to me. I just got it. I wish that I had that same experience with algebra. I can’t make heads or tails with algebra. I hope that I find that missing link that keeps me from understnding algebra. I think that if I can conquer algebra then maybe other math will fall in place. -J. Morin

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